About me:

I am a postdoctoral scholar at the Douglas lab, in the Dept. of Cellular and Molecular Pharmacology at UCSF where I use theoretical, computational and experimental techniques to investigate the folding and crystallization of nanoscale DNA devices. My biggest academic passion is the study of self-organization processes or, as Pelesko puts it, "The Science of Things That Put Themselves Together". I use aspects of complex systems, mathematics, physics, materials and chemical engineering, as well as of high performance computing to investigate many facets of this problem, with the long-term goal of transforming self-assembly into a predictive science.
When not playing with polyhedra, I am...

Playing guitar, riding my motorcycle or grilling a brazilian bbq.

How to find me:


Department of Celular and Molecular Pharmacology

Genentech Hall Rm. S472C. 600 16th St. San Francisco, CA 94158

or Online