Interesting Links and Other Stuff:

Youtube Science

1. Transforming Nanoscience by Sharon Glotzer on TEDx Umich.

2. What is Bionanotechnology? by Shawn Douglas & Jason Brown.

3. Complexity by Geoffrey West.

Worth checking out

1. Michael Engel's lectures on Crystallography.

2. Santa Fe Institute's nice catalogue of videos and lectures.

3. Matt Shlian's Facebook page has amazing science-inspiring paper-art.

4. Prof. H. Fleming and his inspirational (and somewhat addictive) website. In portuguese.

My talks, slides, etc

1. Complex Systems Program @ the University of Michigan (Sep, 2012) slides.

2. Molecular Programming Project Colloquium (July, 2016) slides

3. What do the bees know and what do they do not know - My talk at UM's Complex Systems program

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